Minecraft Steve Diamond Armor
This is how you beat the game, Minecraft, fast.


Way 1Edit

  1. Switch to Creative Mode.
  2. Get yourself an Enchanted Diamond Armor, Enchanted Sword and an Enchanted Bow.
  3. Build yourself an End Portal
  4. Switch to Survival Mode and Jump in.
  5. Finish off the Ender Dragon in 3 hits with your OP Sword.
  6. Display your Dragon Egg while braggin- "I Beat the Ender Dragon within 10 minutes of starting a world.

Way 2Edit

1.Use commands to give yourself Strength 255Edit

2.Spawn a dragon in the overworld using commandsEdit

3. Kill it with one punch and say- "I beat the Dragon with a punch" . And don't forget to brag!Edit