Important Stuff

Here are guidelines to not being alone and grumpy in the future!

​Bad Things

Do not ever do these , or you'll forever repent in the 101 code of conduct.

  • Bullying
  • Cursing
  • Threading

Good Things

If you're nice to other people and not just the admins , of course , you might get promoted , more rules will be added in the future!

Have Fun!


If you have a problem or a question message Wksjs or anyone from the staff! 

Promotion will only apply if you follow the rules above and passing the requirements.

How to be promoted

  • Follow the Rules
  • Be a Nice User
  • Must not have past records of vandalism or have been blocked for more than a week.
  • Must have at least had 250 achievement point and must have at least 450 edits, (exceptions can be made.)